Webinar 1 | Importing of cheap poultry products - a key obstacle for African poultry sector development?

This webinar took place March 3, 2022. Click picture for recordings and report

Based on the situation in specific African countries, such as Ghana and Gambia, the role of international and regional trade were addressed, as trade is among the key socio-economic drivers influencing the poultry sector and the food system. In response to a growing demand for animal protein, poultry production in countries including South Africa, Zambia, Kenya and Uganda has professionalised and commercialised over the past decades. The rising demand did not only lead to a boost for local poultry sectors, it has also become increasingly interesting for other poultry producing countries to export their products to African markets. These imports of poultry products have been controversial in several countries: some think the rising demand for poultry should be met with increased local production and supply, to create domestic jobs. Others prioritise affordable prices for consumers. The webinar will discuss these dilemmas faced by the poultry sector, and will explore solutions using a food systems perspective.