Webinar 4 | Protein Transition: the role of insects in food system transformation - from niche to mainstream

This webinar took place on Thursday 21 April, 2022. Click picture for recordings and report.

The protein transition is an emerging topic in food policy, for example at the Food System Summit. It proposes a shift from animal to plant proteins. In high income countries this means less meat, fish, dairy, eggs and more proteins from plants and other alternatives. In low and middle income countries the situation is different, protein consumption levels are insufficient for many poor households.

In this webinar we focused on the role of insects in protein production, a fast-developing sector. Insect farming that turns waste streams to ingredients for animal feed and human food sounds as an exciting proposition. So, how does insect farming look from a food system lense? What hurdles did the early innovators jump to get where they are today? How can consumer preferences be nudged to stimulate demand for insect proteins? What lessons can be learned from this?

Here are the documents and the recording clips:

  • Walter de Boef (WCDI) introduced the sector and food system framework (6m)

  • Panel debate on insect industry and the protein transition

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