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Rumen8 followup workshop

Rumen8 is a free software application to easily manage dairy and beef cattle rations to increase production, reduce costs and lower enteric methane intensity. Originally developed for the dairy industry in Australia, it was adapted for use in East Africa by adding, amongst others, a tropical feed library with 230 feeds. It has proven itself as a powerful tool for reducing the feed cost, increasing margin above feed costs and reducing enteric methane emissions per liter of milk. 

This workshop on July 22 was a follow up of a breakfast webinar held 2 weeks earlier. This time, presentations were by expert Dr. Hink Perdok (on dairy module) and Dr. Martin Staines (on beef module) with ample time for Q and A after each session. Netherlands Food Partnership and the NEADAP coalition consider this tool a ‘best practice in dairy and beef’ and promotes its wider use.


Wim Goris

Wim Goris

Netherlands Food Partnership