Overview of sustainability assessment tools

NFP and NEADAP collaborated around the dairy action agenda. Sustainability was a key topic during the action agenda discussions and despite the different viewpoints, there was agreement across the board that the dairy sector needs a practical framework to assess sustainability issues and plan action towards sustainability.

As a follow-up, NEADAP and Netherlands Food Partnership assigned experts from Wageningen UR Livestock Research to deliver the following:

a) an inventory of available tools to assess sustainability issues in dairy; Click here for the report.

b) integrate key issues and criteria as part of an assessment tool for the people, planet and profit dimensions in dairy development.

In this video clip, WUR livestock expert Asaah Ndambi explains how the team created an overview of existing tools, as a first step. As part of the second stage, a test run with selected tools with actual data from two African dairy projects was carried out. This exercise aimed to detect which combination of tools best supports decision makers to design dairy interventions with impact on people, planet and profit dimension.

This assignment led to a follow-up: the development of a Dairy Sustainability Assessment tool. See other items on this webpage.


Wim Goris

Wim Goris

Netherlands Food Partnership