Webinar on Dairy Sustainability Assessment Tool

The webinar on this tool was held 2 Dec 2021 and was attended by 71 participants.

The idea for a Dairy Sustainability Assessment Tool emerged from the discussions around the policy paper and dairy action agenda 'Dairy for Nutrition, Employment and Sustainability'. Both policy makers and practitioners requested a tool which could be used as an integral assessment on people, the planet and the profit dimensions of dairy interventions. 

At the request of NEADAP and NFP, Wageningen UR Livestock Research initially carried out an inventory and evaluation for use of the existing tools for People-Planet-Profit assessments, you can read more about the inventory of tools in this report by Asaah Ndambi. None of the existing tools were completely fit for purpose, within the specific context of dairy development in East Africa.

Eventually, it was agreed to further build from four shortlisted tools and develop a new tool. The Dairy Sustainability Assessment Tool has a menu of 12 sustainability criteria with 37 indicators, which inform the strategic options and trade-offs for dairy development. The tool was recently tested with data and input from TIDE, the SNV dairy programme in Uganda.