Developing a joint vision: the story of Adzo Owusu

In the summer of 2021, Action Group co-leads wrote a visioning story to help the coalition develop a shared vision of the future food environment in Accra from a food systems perspective.

This allows the Action Groups to align their actions toward a shared goal. It also ensures that actions complement each other and have a larger impact than when actions are conducted separately.

The story gives insight into many varying aspects that influence the behaviour of consumers (and food vendors) in different ways in Accra. It shows the need to tackle these interrelated aspects in a deliberate way, defining most urgent and most leveraging actions and mapping synergies and trade-offs. Therefore the coalition will jointly develop transition pathways to achieve healthier consumer food environments and prioritise and sharpen their actions from there.

Read the visioning story


Vanessa TB dag 2019.jpg

Vanessa Nigten

Netherlands Food Partnership