Clim-Eat | The Think and Do Tank for Climate and Food

Clim-Eat is a new Think and Do Tank for food and climate, hosted by the Netherlands Food Partnership, that works to radically accelerate climate action in our food systems by bridging the gap between science and action. Through innovative engagement, actionable evidence generation, and effective outreach efforts, Clim-Eat seeks to challenge and change science and policy for food systems in low- and middle-income countries.

Accelerating climate change poses a huge threat to food security, while our food systems will play a key role in exacerbating or solving the climate crisis. To meet the targets of the Paris Climate Agreement and the SDG agenda by 2030, we will need action-orientated and ambitious policy in the coming decade and transform our food systems. Science and innovation can guide and accelerate the action we need, but currently there remains a significant gap between science and policy. Clim-Eat builds a bridge between these two by catalysing food and climate action through thought leadership, policy engagement, capacity building, and multi-stakeholder partnerships.

Getting things done

The overarching goal of Clim-Eat is to improve science-policy interactions in low- and middle-income countries to accelerate progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on food and climate. Clim-Eat’s activities to reach that goal consist of:

  • Thought leadership: Taking an interdisciplinary and solution oriented approach to show thought leadership and provide solutions to pressing issues that deter climate action in food systems.
  • Policy engagement: Engaging with decision makers in the public and private sectors to ensure adoption of recommendations.
  • Capacity building: Building capacity of implementing partners to implement recommendations.
  • Multi-stakeholder dialogue and partnership: Foster multi-stakeholder dialogue and partnerships to take implementation to scale.

Through these activities, Clim-Eat will STEP OUT of business as usual ideas and thinking, STEP UP knowledge synthesis and engagement, and STEP IN to support partners to undertake transformative action.

What we’re up to

Clim-Eat is kicking off in 2022 with the following priorities:

  • Mobilise a coalition of food and climate stakeholders for COP27: Clim-Eat will seek to build a coalition of Dutch and international stakeholders to articulate a transformative vision and catalyse partnerships around this vision at COP27 in Egypt.
  • Facilitate implementation of climate related coalitions of the UN Food Systems Summit: Clim-Eat is co-leading the UNFSS Nature-Positive Innovation Coalition. Next to that, Clim-Eat will support the implementation of other UNFSS coalitions on innovation, livestock and data and digital.

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