NEADAP aim to scale up impact for the East Africa Dairy Sector

The Netherlands East Africa Dairy Partnership (NEADAP) is one of the impact coalitions supported by NFP. Providing support to the dairy farmers and producers across six countries, NEADAP's shared ambition is to create impact at scale for the East Africa dairy sector.

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NEADAP coordinator Rinus van Klinken (SNV) says: “The Dutch and their partners share a long history of dairy development in the region. We can build on this track record to test and scale solutions for current challenges in East African dairy. We aim to organise sector-wide collaboration around our tools and approaches. The support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Dutch embassies allows us to continue work in Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and expand into Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi.”

NEADAP’s dairy priorities are: healthy nutrition, rural income and a sustained agroecological base. The programme is organised around ‘products’ such as: the introduction of parent-paid school dairy and promotion of probiotic yoghurts for bottom of the pyramid consumers. Other products include the DSAT tool for sustainability assessment in dairy programmes, Rumen8 software for better feeding of dairy cows and self-sustaining extension services.

Agnes Janszen (Agriterra) is heading up the product team on self-sustaining extension services and explains more about the next phase of implementation: “In the first phase, the Agriterra contribution to NEADAP focused on inclusive business models. Inclusive business means for us the meaningful participation of smallholders, women and youth through their cooperative. We identified a number of good practices in dairy cooperatives. In the next phase, we will continue to work on self-sustaining extension services. Extension is costly, so there should be a clear return in terms of farmer income and cooperative performance. The ambition of the product team to develop a scalable approach.”

NEADAP is a partnership between Agriterra, SNV, Solidaridad and Wageningen UR. In 2022, NFP will continue to provide backbone support to NEADAP, especially on communication, as well as network and policy dialogue. If you are interested in updates on NEADAP and dairy sector transformation, please contact Wim Goris - see details below.

You can read more about the work NEADAP is delivering in this flyer and this overview page.


Wim Goris

Wim Goris

Netherlands Food Partnership

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