Positive Response to Food Systems e-course which returns in 2022

The Food Systems Transformation e-course which took place in June this year was the highest attended event to date, in which NFP was a co-organiser. Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation (WCDI) were the lead facilitators for the e-course, which attracted 950 applications for a maximum capacity of 600 places. The course was also aligned and linked to the global momentum driven by the UN Food System Summit.

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Four months after the e-course finished, a survey was distributed to collate feedback and reflections from the participants, and to find out whether they had implemented some of their learnings. Each of the sixty respondents commented that they'd developed key concepts of food systems transformation as a direct result of participating on the course, and now know how to translate and put these into practice in their work. Many of the participants drew inspiration from the online resources, as well as the forum dialogues with fellow participants. Mirjam Schaap from WCDI who led the e-course commented, "The response to this latest survey confirms what we learnt from the short surveys after each module during the e-course. Reading through the observations, I noted some participants use the e-course materials as a teacher or trainer, others applied it in proposal writing or found inspiration to continue studying this topic. There is clear demand for this e-course, so I am happy that NFP and WCDI agreed to organise a run it again in the new year."

“The e-course inspired me to write a proposal that won a grant with the US Mission kampala to train 200 young people in Uganda starting 2021-2022”

Raymond Musiima | Michigan Fellows Agribusiness Initiative (MFAI), Uganda

The next e-course is scheduled for February and March 2022, look out for further announcements on our website and social media channels.


Wim Goris

Wim Goris

Netherlands Food Partnership


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