Let’s celebrate World Food Day together!

How can we refresh the food system? On Friday 15 October 2021, Netherlands Food Partnership is hosting a unique and uplifting hybrid gathering for food professionals to celebrate World Food Day 2021. Streaming live from Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam, we welcome food pioneers from around the globe to join us.

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What we have cooked up for you

We are incredibly delighted about the line-up for this day. You will be greeted by an extraordinary combination of international thinkers, doers, and artists.

Livecast - Part 1 | 10:00-12:15 CET

Online programme

A fresh look at three crucial food system challenges:

What does Enabling healthy and sustainable food choices mean in an unequal food system? How can we make the potential of advanced Digitalisation work for entrepreneurial food actors? And how can we realise a breakthrough in achieving a Living income for all?

10.00 We start the day inspiring all the senses. Double bassist James Oesi and storyteller Kwame Kondor will guide us throughout the morning. We will listen to economist and food systems specialist Lawrence Haddad and director of NFP Myrtille Danse who will together highlight everything you need to know about the Food Systems Summit.

10.20 Enabling healthy and sustainable food choices. We are excited to welcome French-Colombian chef Charles Michel to the stage. As a food educator and community catalyst, he will open our eyes to the role food plays in building our future.

11.00 Digitalisation. In an era of countless apps, how can we make digitalisation actually work for real actors within the food system? We will hear from Vivian Awino Opondoh (CEO of the Agritech initiative, Farmula) and other actors who will guide us through several examples of how digitalisation is transforming and advancing the world of agriculture and food systems.

11.30 Achieving a living income for all. How many years have we been speaking about a living income? And yet, inequality persists. We will face this inconvenient truth and search for possibilities with Michel Scholte (Impact Institute / True Price / Minister for New Economy), Marie-Ange Vaessen (Eosta) and other experts.

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Livecast - Part 2 | 15:45 - 17:00 CET

Online programme

Let’s make game-changing solution directions come to life together.

In this part, we will build on the morning themes and move into action mode. And specifically - collective action. How can we work together to take the next step on enabling healthy food choices, digitalization, and achieving a living income in the food sectors? Join us to see collaborative solutions come to life, and add your own suggestions to the mix.
With, among others, Wilma van Esch, Head Food Security at Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Guido Landheer, Director of European, International and Agro-Economic Affairs at the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality; Charles Michel , Food educator; Myrtille Danse, Executive Director Netherlands Food Partnership; Eva Koffeman, Netherlands UN Youth Representative on Biodiversity & Food.

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The programme will be updated with additional speakers and further details during the run-up to the event. You can also keep up to date on our World Food Day celebration event by following us on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Information for Live Event Attendees

For further information regarding the live event at Pakhuis de Zwijger including information on the venue Covid-19 measures and table lunch hosts, click the link below.

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For all enquiries and further information contact email: wfd2021@nlfoodpartnership.com

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