Abdallah Smith, is a Ghanaian renewable energy and sustainability sector professional with 7 years working experience in Ghana and the USA. Of those 7 years, 4 years have been spent in his current capacity as Junior Director at MindNET Technologies overseeing projects such as a $80 million infrastructure scale waste-to-energy project to the distribution of solar home systems to off-grid communities.

Abdallah is a co-founder and Managing Director of Gaia Greenfields Ltd, an agri-business company focusing on the sustainable production of fruits, vegetables and herbs for the local market. He is also Operations and Business Development Manager at JOON LLC, an urban farming company that builds farms and grows fruits and vegetables using permaculture practices.

In addition, Abdallah is part of the Ghana Food Movement management team, a grass-roots organisation that looks connects movers and shakers within the Ghana food value chain and to inspire them on reimagining and celebrating Ghanaian food, while also adhering to more sustainable practices.

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