About NFP

Netherlands Food Partnership connects and supports initiatives by Dutch organisations and partners from Low and Middle Income Countries. To achieve urgent changes that contribute to sustainable food systems and nutrition security and reach SDG2 by 2030. As a backbone organisation we support Collective Impact Coalitions to reach their full potential. And we offer a convening space where initiatives can land and grow.

Complex challenges, like transforming food systems, ask for innovative approaches as traditional solutions often do not solve the underlying systemic aspects of a problem. By taking a food systems approach, Netherlands Food Partnership’s contributions will help Dutch initiatives to increase synergies and reduce negative trade-offs between social, economic and ecological food system outcomes. We focus on four relevant food system challenges: Equal access and distribution of food, Healthy diets, Resilient ecosystems and Peace, justice and stability.

“We enable Collective Impact Coalitions to achieve urgent changes that contribute to sustainable food systems. To reach SDG2 by 2030.”

Our services

  • We offer backbone support for Collective Impact Coalitions that aim to solve one or multiple problems that go beyond implementing a cross-sector or multi-stakeholder initiative.
  • We organise Communities of Practice for practitioners and researchers to learn and exchange together, to tackle concrete challenges and improve effectiveness of their activities.
  • We coordinate scoping studies and mappings to facilitate the exploration and a deeper understanding of food systems challenges and opportunities.
  • We build and support strategic networks for scale and we provide strategic and operational support to Dutch embassies and the ministries.
  • We promote solutions, including Collective Impact Coalition highlights, in international forums and during the annual Dutch SDG2 World Food Day event .
  • We share the latest and most innovative insights related to food systems transformation.

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At the heart of Netherlands Food Partnership is an agile core group of coalition builders and knowledge brokers, extended with a flexible pool of knowledge brokers and experts in Europe, Africa, The Middle East, South East Asia and Latin America. We focus on accelerating initiatives by Dutch companies and organisations and partners from low and middle income countries. To achieve food systems transformation for food and nutrition security, in line with the food policy goals of the Dutch government.

Netherlands Food Partnership is a foundation, endorsed and funded by the Netherlands government and accountable to a Supervisory Board. The Supervisory Board supervises the policy pursued by the Director, the performance of its managerial duties and Netherlands Food Partnership’s general course of affairs, taking account of the interests of all the foundation’s stakeholders.

Our Supervisory board