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Together, we make food systems more economically, socially and environmentally viable. We do that by actively creating opportunities for sharing knowledge as well as fostering the creation of partnerships that can have real impact on the ground or at a policy level.

Let's learn together

Learning together and building on each other’s expertise is key to improve food systems globally and locally.

Are you a practitioner, innovator or policymaker? And dedicated to create a world without hunger? Join our learning sessions or share your insights with the community. Let’s complement each other’s expertise!

This what we have to offer to you:

- our online community NFP Connects;

- learning sessions

- our e-courses

- policy dialogue sessions

- support to strategic networks.

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FORQLAB Living Lab

Food losses and waste are big problems in Kenya’s agriculture and food industry. Considerable amounts of perishable, nutrition dense food products are lost before they reach the market. Reducing post-harvest losses enhances the efficiency of the food system, minimises environmental footprint of agricultural production, and makes more food available, accessible and affordable for consumers.

Digital Agrifood Collective

We are a collective of organisations that exchange learnings and align strategies to remove barriers that stand between newly developed digital services and the thousands of agribusinesses and millions of low-income producers (and consumers) that could benefit from these. By removing barriers together, we aim to accelerate the digital transformation of agrifood value chains across Sub Saharan Africa and Southern Asia and make this transformation inclusive for all.

E-course | Food Systems

Together with Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation NFP organises an e-course on Food Systems. Each edition of the E-course has welcomed 500+ agriculture and food professionals from around the world. During this course, participants deepen their understanding of the food systems approach and learn how to apply this in their work. The e-course is a mentored online course of 4 weekly modules and includes self-paced learning blocks, plenary sessions and optional group work.

Webinar Series | Putting Food Systems Thinking Into Sector Practice

As part of the work that Wageningen University & Research (WUR) and Netherlands Food Partnership (NFP) are delivering to drive the SDG2 agenda forward, we’ll be facilitating a ‘Putting Food Systems Thinking into Sector Practice’ six-part webinar series for agrifood practitioners, who are actively interested in taking action towards achieving concrete positive food systems results.

Let’s create impact together

Changing food systems requires organisations to collaborate to address context specific food system challenges.

Does your organisation have a food system challenge to tackle? NFP facilitates and invests in joint exploration of relevance, feasibility and viability of partnerships. When successful, partnerships can result in collaborations that:

- strengthen the implementation sector or area they are based in;

- influence and change policy;

- bring innovations to scale in a specific domain / impact area.

Get in touch and let’s explore how we can create impact together.

Creating impact together here:

All initiatives


SeedNL enables powerful collaboration between relevant Dutch organisations and international partners to achieve urgent changes that contribute to SDG2 by 2030. SeedNL aims to strengthen the seed sector in developing countries, provide appropriate access to quality seeds for all farmers and increase productivity and farmer income. To contribute to Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals, three parties established the SeedNL partnership: Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Plantum, the Dutch branch association for planting materials.


The Netherlands East African Dairy Partnership (NEADAP) offers a platform for exchange of knowledge and experience to tackle current challenges and leverage further development in East African dairy. NEADAP core partners are Agriterra, SNV, Solidaridad and Wageningen University & Research (WUR), each with their own knowledge, expertise, networks, local partners and projects in East Africa.

In the previous phase, NEADAP worked mainly in Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda. In the current phase it will also engage with dairy stakeholders in Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi.

Global Partnership for the True Price of Food

Netherlands Food Partnership and True Price Foundation are setting up the Global Partnership for the True Price of Food (GPTPF). The partnership enables actors in the food sector to embrace and apply true pricing on a large scale. The goal is to provide governments and businesses with the tools they need to make healthy, sustainable, and affordable food available for all via true pricing.

Clim-Eat | The Think and Do Tank for Climate and Food

Clim-Eat is a new Think and Do Tank for food and climate, hosted by the Netherlands Food Partnership, that works to radically accelerate climate action in our food systems by bridging the gap between science and action. Through innovative engagement, actionable evidence generation, and effective outreach efforts, Clim-Eat seeks to challenge and change science and policy for food systems in low- and middle-income countries.