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Transforming food systems together

Our Story

NFP is dedicated to creating a world without hunger, in which everyone has access to sustainable, healthy, safe and affordable food.

Our dream

NFP is dedicated to creating a world without hunger, in which everyone has access to healthy, sustainable, safe and affordable food. We believe that by connecting people and knowledge we can contribute to creating more just and sustainable food systems in Low and Middle Income Countries.

Our mission

By playing a convening role, NFP strengthens relationships and networks between partners from the Global South and the Netherlands. We provide linkages and knowledge access to all Agri & Food organisations - from farmers to consumers. And we stimulate knowledge exchange and policy dialogue.

We also promote multi-stakeholder collaboration between the private sector, knowledge institutes, civil society and the public sector. By fostering and supporting the emergence and growth of action oriented partnerships and coalitions, NFP contributes to tackling concrete, LMIC owned food system challenges.

Our practice

Our focus is on strengthening access to healthy and diverse diets; ecological sustainability; food systems' resilience to crises; and agri-food sector development. In all of these areas complex challenges ask for innovative approaches that address the underlying systemic aspects of the problem.

NFP facilitates Dutch and LMIC partners to develop a shared understanding of the issues at hand. By open debate and knowledge sharing across continents, face to face and online we help to validate possible solutions.

For stakeholders who are willing and able to combine forces, we help with developing and initiating a clear common agenda that drives joint action.

Only together can we transform food systems!

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