YALTA Regional Summit

The YALTA Regional Summit is convened by Netherlands Food Partnership in collaboration with PELUM Uganda and will bring together the results and lessons learned of the Youth in Agroecology and Business Learning Track Africa and instigate discussions on how these can be replicated and scaled up.

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25 Oct - 26 Oct 2022
YALTA | Netherlands Food Partnership | PELUM Uganda
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Kampala, Uganda | Online
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Accelerating Youth Dirven Agroecological Businesses for Sustainable Food Systems

During the event we expect to:

  • Celebrate successes, exchange insights and lessons learned in each country (Uganda, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Kenya) from the Youth track as well as Agroecology networks initiatives and national coalitions working on issues for change.
  • Empower youths to drive regional policy processes, knowledge exchange and showcasing youth led agroecological businesses.
  • Identify strategies to sustain, replicate and scale up innovative models and approaches.
  • Network and facilitate a regional platform for interaction between youth, agroecology stakeholders, policy makers, service providers, investors.

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Visit the YALTA Summit page for full details including the programme and speakers

About the YALTA Initiative

The YALTA initiative is a partnership between the Netherlands Food Partnership (NFP) and the IKEA Foundation. The initiative follows a market-based approach and convenes a wide range of stakeholders consisting of agripreneurs, practitioners, policy makers and experts. NFP and its partner organisations have supported young (aspiring) entrepreneurs in agroecology to improve their business opportunities and capacity to apply agroecology principles, supported the development of agroecology networks and coalitions working on issues for change to make youth feel more involved in agroecology initiatives, to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of youth agroecology initiatives and to improve attention for youth in agroecology in research, policy agendas and education curricula, development partners, academia among others.