The Voedsel Anders Conference 2022 - Towards Fair and Sustainable Food System

The Voedsel Anders (Food Otherwise) Conference will take place on 10 & 11 June 2022 in Wageningen! It will be a connecting two-day conference with inspiring speakers and more than 50 interactive workshops under the overall theme: “Together towards a Democratic Food System”.

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10 Jun - 11 Jun 2022
Voedsel Anders
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Orion building, campus of Wageningen University, Bronland 1 in Wageningen.
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This is the Dutch leg of Voedsel Anders (Food Otherwise); a network of farmers, fisherfolk, scientists, beekeepers, students, artists, academics, policy makers, journalists and other active citizens in the Netherlands and Belgium engaged in building healthy food systems. While the current agrifood system is depleting the soil and biodiversity, causes major greenhouse gas emissions and squeezes farmers out of business, many local, national and international initiatives show that there is another way. Around the world, we can feed ourselves sustainably with good and healthy food that is produced regionally, with fair prices and dignified lives for farmers, fishermen and citizens, while respecting the environment and biodiversity.

During the conference, plenary sessions, keynotes and workshops will address challenges for food system transformation. How do we as farmers, citizens, fishermen, researchers etc. can navigate these challenges? What the value of collective action and collective power in navigating these challenges? The conference is grounded in the Netherlands but linked internationally. We will discuss international linkages and solidarity, self-determination and autonomy. Finally, the topic of 'food democracy' will be discussed. What does food democracy look like in practice? How can we build a democratic and inclusive food system for everyone?

The day programme of the Voedsel Anders/Food Otherwise 2022 Conference will soon be extended with more details about workshops, panel discussions and excursions to local agroecological food producers.

These 6 themes draw the red line during the conference:

-Regional Food Systems
-Eating differently
-Access to land and water
-Soil, biodiversity and climate
-Fair trade and agricultural policies and fair prices
-On our way together