Zero Hunger, Zero Power | Dutch Design Week

The Zero Hunger, Zero Power exhibition will take place during Dutch Design Week, which will display a collection of work created by Design Academy Eindhoven (DAE) Masters students. The students work was developed as part of a project commissioned by Netherlands Food Partnership, that was delivered in collaboration with DAE and MAAN Design.

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16 Oct - 24 Oct 2021
Dutch Design Week
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Open | 11:00 - 18:00

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Entrance fee | Free

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Strijp-S area, Eindhoven

Location | Strijp-S area, Klokgebouw, Hall 2, Klokgebouw 50, Map No. B1


It is not for a lack of global food production that people go hungry every day. Historical and contemporary geopolitical and economic factors result in manufactured surpluses and scarcities. Rather than rushing to sustain this system by designing ways to farm or produce even more food that doesn’t reach hungry people, what if design analyses the Sustainable Development Goal of Zero Hunger as a question of power and access? How can design practices using image analysis, data science, investigative reporting, speculative fictioning, social media, participatory, performance and eating invite a different understanding and negotiation of complex systems of power and access? Zero Hunger, Zero Power is an exhibition exploring how design can reframe complexity in order to conceive of a world with different systems.

The 11 design research projects presented in the exhibition are a selection of the projects developed by Design Academy Master students earlier this year, in a collaboration between the Netherlands Food Partnership, MANN and Design Academy Eindhoven masters students.

Further information

The Dutch Design Week exhibition follows on from the presentation of this project at the recent UN Food Systems Pre Summit in July. The project was presented on that occasion under the name 'Transforming Food Systems by Design', for further details including examples of some of the individual student projects that were showcased during the Pre Summit, click on the link below.

UN Food Systems Pre Summit Presentation
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