Guiding Seed Sector Transformation in Africa: Durable solutions to systemic problems

Across 3 packed days of interactive sessions, you will hear, test and debate the latest insights and innovations that are helping to overcome systemic challenges. Together with a global pool of diverse expertise, you will also assess why some systemic problems remain and contribute to emerging strategies to address these.

Event details

21 Jun - 23 Jun 2021
ISSD, WUR, African Union
Online conference

With the UN Food Systems Summit approaching, the conference gives a timely space to help organisations working on seed sector transformation in Africa to jointly explore the contribution of our collective efforts to critical food system outcomes.


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Organisation & support

Organisation of the conference is led by Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation (WCDI) and the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT). Multiple partners are involved in the organisation and hosting of the conference including ISSD Africa lead partners, The African Union Commission and partners from seed sector development programmes in Burundi, Ethiopia, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, South Sudan and Uganda. Organisation of the conference is enabled through support from a number of sources including the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, and the Embassies of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Burundi, Ethiopia, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, South Sudan and Uganda.


The conference programme is currently being finalised. If your organisation would like to contribute to the event, please contact:

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Increasing the availability and use of quality seed of new, improved and preferred varieties will drive the agricultural growth necessary to sustainably feed a growing population in a changing climate. Diverse investments around the world have enabled innovation and learning on how to transform the production, distribution and use of quality seed and deliver effective, inclusive and sustainable seed sectors. However, where some initiatives find success, others continue to face difficulty. This conference brings international experiences and expertise together to share lessons, test the durability of solutions, and explore their potential to overcome root causes of common problems.