Symposium | Dutch Agriculture, European Policies and Global Food System Transitions

This online symposium “Dutch Agriculture, European Policies and Global Food System Transitions” on November 2, 3, or 4, 2020, is in honor of the retirement of Krijn Poppe and Ruerd Ruben from Wageningen Economic Research.

Event details

02 Nov - 04 Nov 2020
Wageningen Economic Research
Symposium Global Food System Transitions

Credits: WEcR / VidiPhoto

Wageningen Economic Research is organising a digital symposium consisting of a series of three lunchtime webinars on Monday 2, Tuesday 3 and Wednesday 4 November 2020. These session are followed by a special digital session with the farewell lectures by Krijn Poppe and Ruerd Ruben and concluding remarks by Louise O. Fresco.

The symposium will address the rapid changing world order, the food security crisis, rising poverty, climate change and environmental challenges and their implications for the role and ambitions of Europe and the Netherlands. Main attention will be given to drivers and prospects for food system transformation in the Netherlands, Europe and the developing World, and the challenges for public policy, business innovation and researchers.

For more information on the programme and to register online, please visit the website.