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E-course | Food Systems Overview of edition 2021

Effective food systems transformation has a vital role to play in the effort towards ending hunger and achieving SDG2. Concerted and collective action is needed to accomplish global food security, which is why we are fully committed to sharing and exchanging knowledge, expertise and ideas through our Communities of Practice programme. As part of this initiative, Netherlands Food Partnership teamed up with Wageningen University and Research, with support from Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for the second running of the food system transformation e-course.

“I am very sure we are going to educate and re educate people about what we have learnt in module one and other modules to come.”

Olusola Oyediran | MPG Farms, Nigeria

Actors and stakeholders from across our international network were invited to participate in the course, which was spread across four-week modules of 4-5 hours per day. The curriculum provided participants with a unique opportunity to enhance and develop their understanding of why a food systems approach matters; making food systems analysis work; the process of transforming food systems and governance of food systems transformation. This in turn enables change makers within our network to develop effective and relevant interventions that can be applied within their respective countries.

Demand for the course was exceptionally high with more than 950 applications received for a total of 550 places. We are currently planning to repeat the course in the Autumn, to ensure we reach as many of our stakeholders as possible. Details will be published on our website, social media platforms and newsletter as soon as they become available.

Below you will find four sample presentations used during the course modules:

Module 1: Lecture Ruerd Ruben - On entry points for food system transformation

Module 2: Lecture Helena Posthumus - On systems thinking and food systems analysis

Module 3: Lecture Joost Guyt - Why do food systems matter for better policy

Module 4: Lecture Chris Bené - Governance of food system transformation

Compilation of the e-course on food system transformation

“A philosophy I live by in my personal and work life is to assiduously innovate myself. This is what this module has done for me! It has exposed me to knowledge on food systems, in a manner I hadn't explored before. I’ve had so many Aha! moments, I cannot wait to dig into the other modules!”

Cynthia Onyangore | Trade Up Commodities Ltd, Kenya


Wim Goris

Wim Goris

Netherlands Food Partnership