Exploration to Support Conflict-Affected Yemen's Coffee Sector

Together with public and private sector representatives from the Netherlands and Yemen, NFP is currently exploring potential collaborations to support the coffee sector in conflict-affected Yemen.

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Plagued by civil war and the world's largest food crisis, the country's economic collapse has not stopped production and export of high quality coffee. Such exports are crucial for a country that imported 90% of its food requirements even before the crisis. While more than 16 million people, over half of Yemen's population, face hunger every day their ability to pay for food has declined as food prices have soared due to the conflict.

Faced with challenges like lack of data, research and limited expertise in coffee, the sector which employs 75 percent women can benefit from NFP support to help organise better research to improve cultivation practices and to develop market access strategies. In a country where the overwhelming international response currently is humanitarian, NFP finds it crucial to keep investing in small sparks of hope such as these. This ensures that a longer term view that is based in humanitarian-development-peace nexus thinking sustains the capacities and institutions needed to facilitate development once crisis subsides.