Global Partnership for the True Price of Food

Netherlands Food Partnership and True Price Foundation are setting up the Global Partnership for the True Price of Food (GPTPF). The partnership enables actors in the food sector to embrace and apply true pricing on a large scale. The goal is to provide governments and businesses with the tools they need to make healthy, sustainable, and affordable food available for all via true pricing.

Everything we produce, buy, and consume causes damage to the environment and our society. We currently pass the price of these hidden costs on to the environment and society. Also, future generations pay the price. Take the loss of biodiversity: the orangutan is critically endangered because the apes have been pushed out of their habitat and if we do not act, they will disappear completely. Or consider the pollution of air, soil, and water due to the emission of nitrogen gases from livestock farming activities, where pastures are quiet and monotonous and leave no space for trees, different types of grass or insects.

These challenges are global; we all consume products with supply chains that have their origin far beyond our own borders. A kilo of bananas from Colombia for example: Growing bananas requires a farmer, land, water, and fertilizer. Additionally, the bananas are provided with a plastic tape or sticker, placed in cardboard boxes, and transported in temperature controlled containers to markets and supermarkets at home and abroad. There are hidden costs for land use, loss of biodiversity, water pollution and soil pollution. In addition, the farmer should receive a fair wage, which is not always the case. We often do not pay for these costs in the store. These externalities are paid for by the planet, individuals in the value chain, taxpayers, and future generations. True prices offer a solution.

The Global Partnership True Price of Food

The Global Partnership True Price of Food aims to empower actors in the food system to adopt true pricing at scale. The partnership addresses challenges such as the limited awareness and understanding of true pricing, unknown effects of policy interventions, a lack of accessible (primary) data and technology, and regulatory blockers.

Together we raise global awareness and on a national and international level work on the implementation of true pricing through:

  • Scalable True Price pilots
  • Co-developing strategies to reduce the true price gap and take remediation actions
  • Policy related sessions, events, and campaigns