Bidding Farewell to NFP Executive Director Myrtille Danse

At the end of this month NFP Executive Director, Myrtille Danse, will be moving on to new pastures to start her role as Global Lead Corporate Engagement and Alliances, at Solidaridad. We caught up with Myrtille for a final cup of coffee, to reflect on her two years at NFP.

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Myrtille was NFP's first Executive Director. During her two year tenure, NFP has estabnlished a unique position as a neutral facilitator that connects Dutch and local parties in low and middle-income countries, who work together to improve the local food system. Myrtille explains, "within the food and agribusiness sectors we help these parties to share and expand their expertise and knowledge, which has proven our added value with visible results. Consequently, parties work together more efficiently, and speed up processes which result in greater impact.

Mytille sees an important role for NFP going forward, especially given the current circumstances in which food security for everyone has come under pressure.

“Conflicts, climate change and other crises like Covid are pushing food prices to record highs. Food production is under pressure, and food availability is not distributed fairly. Worldwide, we are confronted with an increase in obesity, whilst at the same time the number of people who are malnourished or are starving is on the rise. The challenges are great. The Netherlands has traditionally been an important player in the production, distribution and trading of food. Our country supports many initiatives that should contribute to improving food security in the world. NFP adds value to this by achieving synergy and complementarity between parties active in this field; helping to accelerate cooperation processes; as well as using innovative strength and market power to improve the resilience of food systems worldwide."

"During these two years, the organisation has undergone tremendous development. We've supported start-up partnerships in more than 10 countries. Amongst other things, we've made Dutch knowledge and experience available. This has in turn enabled local organisations to produce and trade local food that is more resistant to the influences of climate change, whilst ensuring a better distribution of food that contributes to greater access to healthy diets for local populations. I am proud that I have been able to shape this start-up phase together with the team and our partners and I am very pleased to now hand over to Han de Groot who will lead the next phase."

"I will start at Solidaridad in October where new role will be the perfect next step in my career journey. My team is responsible for starting and further developing the collaboration within the private sector and impact investors. Solidaridad is a network organisation with boots on the ground, but also global clout. This provides a good basis for working with these parties on long-term strategies that contribute to transitions in the countries where Solidaridad is active. I am very much looking forward to getting started."

“I have enjoyed working for NFP in recent years. Together with all colleagues and our partners, we have achieved great results. I would like to thank them for the good cooperation and wish them every success.”