CGIAR Performance Report 2021 | Harvesting Research and Innovation for Impact

On 1 August, 2022, CGIAR published its 2021 Performance Report. The Netherlands, as a Strategic Partner and funder to CGIAR, is committed to sharing the important results achieved by CGIAR, its CGIAR Research Programmes (CRPs) and Platforms.

Harvesting Research and Innovation for Impact

2021 was a year in which CGIAR celebrated its 50th anniversary and continued to make significant steps toward the One CGIAR transition. As mentioned in the message from the Executive Management Team, CGIAR was also “reminded that global problems are now known to be more complex and interrelated than perceived to be in 1971”. Thus, placing emphasis on the reason for CGIAR to integrate its capabilities, knowledge, assets, people and global presence to increase its contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals.

While CGIAR is going through a massive transition, the work of all the scientists in the CRPs and Platforms in collaboration with their partners, continue to bear fruit. As the Performance Report indicates, CGIAR developed 1.152 innovations, reached 579 milestones, engaged in 261 partnerships, informed 95 policies, trained 0.72 million people, and published 2.539 peer reviewed paper.

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Research Programme on Forests, Trees and Agroforestry
The CGIAR Research Program (CRP) on Forests, Trees and Agroforestry (FTA), created in 2011, is the world's largest research for development programme, that’s designed to enhance the role of forests, trees and agroforestry in sustainable development and food security and to address climate change. 2021 marked the final year of FTA as a CGIAR CRP.

Research Programme on Agriculture for Nutrition and Health
The CGIAR Research Programme on Agriculture for Nutrition and Health (A4NH) seeks to realise the potential of agricultural development to make significant contributions to improving the nutrition and health of people worldwide.

Research Programme on Policies, Institutions and Markets

The CGIAR Research Programme on Policies, Institutions, and Markets (PIM) leads action-oriented research for a food-secure future with a focus on providing support for policies that help poor farmers, both men and women, improve their lives; produce nutritious and affordable foods; and protect their soil, water and biodiversity in rural landscapes.

Research Programme on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security
The CGIAR Research Programme on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) marshals the science and expertise of CGIAR and its partners to catalyse positive change for climate-smart agriculture.

Research Programme on Water, Land and Ecosystems
The CGIAR Research Programme on Water, Land and Ecosystems (WLE) is a global research-for-development programme connecting partners to deliver sustainable agricultural solutions that enhance our natural resources and the wellbeing of people.

GENDER Platform (not yet available, you can view the Annual Report from 2020)
GENDER (Generating Evidence and New Directions for Equitable Results) is a CGIAR impact platform that synthesises and amplifies research, fills gaps, builds capacity and sets directions to enable CGIAR to have maximum impact on gender equality, opportunities for youth and social inclusion in agriculture and food systems.

The end of CRP’s, the beginning of new Initiatives
CGIAR currently operates through a new Initative Portfolio. This means that the CGIAR Research Programmes have also ended their activities in 2021. The priorities in the NL-CGIAR Strategic Partnership reflects these changes. This means the Government of the Netherlands now funds the overall Portfolio as well as four specific Initiatives through their Strategic Partnership. Interested in reading more about the Initiative Portfolio and the four additionally funded Initiatives by the Netherlands, please see this recent Insight Item for full details.