COP26 Food Systems Dutch Network Debrief

Following on in the series of online network meetings around the UN Food Systems Summit, NFP in collaboration with the Ministries of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality and Foreign Affairs, organised a debriefing on 22 November to discuss and review COP26 (26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties), with a specific focus on agriculture, food and nature based solutions.


This debrief meeting gathered together the network of stakeholders with an interest in food systems, to present and discuss the results and key takeaways from COP26, within the domain of agriculture, food and nature.

The meeting also initiated the conversation on next steps, as attentions begin to focus towards COP27, in Egypt, when food and agriculture are expected to be moved even further up the agenda. Meanwhile, national pathways to implement food systems transitions, will offer opportunities to align and coordinate with national climate action agendas.

Download a copy of the debrief meeting notes here

On 1 December, a further debriefing was hosted during a Lunch and Learn session for staff and representatives from Dutch Ministries and Embassies. The session began with members of the Dutch CoP delegation reflecting on the results from Glasgow. Given the increasing attention paid to food systems at CoP in relation to climate, further discussions centered around how this will be translated into practice?

On that note, introductions from IFDC as well as the the Dutch Embassies in Nairobi and Dhaka provided practical examples to draw inspiration from initiatives such as the LISTEN programme in Kenya and the COASTS program in Bangladesh. The following discussion highlighted the true value in long-term interventions to guarantee impact, as well as the importance in embedding interventions in national policy programs and priorities.


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Netherlands Food Partnership

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