Harnessing the Power of Youth in Agriculture | New Report and Policy Brief on Inclusive Agripreneurship in Africa

We are delighted to announce our new report and policy brief on inclusive youth agripreneurship in Africa which have been produced as the result of a collaboration between our partners The Broker, together with NFP and INCLUDE. The report, which is a result of a collaborative research approach, aims to strengthen the evidence base on good practices for youth agripreneurship programs and policies in Africa.

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The project focused on understanding the key interventions and frameworks that can be implemented to improve youth engagement in the field of agripreneurship and how to create an enabling environment for aspiring youth agripreneurs. To ensure that the research addresses the priorities and concerns of youth, a reference group consisting of representatives from youth-led organisations and networks was an integral component of this project. Similarly, a group of policymakers was consulted in the creation of the policy brief.

Download the report and policy brief

Report: Strengthening programming and policymaking for inclusive youth agripreneurship in Africa Download PDF

Policy brief: Boosting inclusive youth agripreneurship in Africa: six key recommendations Download PDF

The Broker will continue this work together with the NFP and INCLUDE to set up a Community of Practice on youth agripreneurship, following up on the two learning sessions organised in the course of this project.