New Report Out | Rapid Assessment of Digital Ecosystems in Zambia and Kenya

The Smallholder Farmers Digital Ecosystems Coalition has recently launched a report providing findings from digital ecosystem assessments conducted mid-2022 in two case study countries, Kenya and Zambia.

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The study was commissioned by the Netherlands Food Partnership on behalf of the Smallholder Farmers Digital Ecosystems Coalition, of which its members include Rabobank, IDH, Syngenta Foundation, and IFAD.

The study aims to explore the impact of digital services and platforms on smallholder farmers in low and middle income countries. In doing so it focusses on both the supply and demand sides of the ecosystem, conducting interviews and organising a workshop with donors, service providers, government, research institutions, and smallholder farmers in focus group discussions. Furthermore, it also looks into the question of what concrete short and longer-term interventions in smallholder digital ecosystems could foster the scaling and sustainability of digital platforms.

Finally, the assessment also provides a series of valuable insights into the current state of digital ecosystems in Kenya and Zambia, whilst highlighting the challenges and opportunities that smallholder farmers face when accessing digital services and solutions.

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Download the full report here