Saline Water and Food Systems Partnership Launches New Facility

In 2021 and 2022, NFP and NWP explored the interest in, and subsequently convened, the Saline Water & Food Systems Partnership. Whether the Partnership will achieve its ambitions depends to a large extent on the commitment, contribution, and activities of the partners. In order to stimulate and financially (co-)support these activities, the conveners have set up a Facility which is now open for proposals.


Photo by Peter Prins, at Saline Agriculture training courses in Vietnam

The Partnership was officially launched in March 2022 during a consultation meeting in which the shared objectives were formulated. A range of organisations, including policy institutes, knowledge centers, the private sector and NGO’s have by now joined the Partnership and contribute to its activities. These partners develop new and sometimes invest in activities of various sorts that help addressing the challenges of salinity for agriculture. 

Open to proposals

In short, partners of the SW&FS Partnership can submit proposals for (co-)funding activities such as organising network or knowledge exchange meetings, the development of new communication materials (websites/brochures/videos), executing scoping studies or fact-finding missions to explore project opportunities in Low and Middle Income Countries. Activities should fit the framework of priorities that were formulated during the launch of the partnership (see the meeting report and discussion paper), clearly contribute to and be of relevance for the collective ambitions of the Partnership. The Facility is not intended to support pilots and implementation projects.


Because the type of activities we expect to support through this Facility will be quite diverse, NWP and NFP decided not to launch a Call for Proposals with a specific focus. We will accept proposals on a rolling basis. Proposals will be evaluated on several points, including the contribution and relevance to the collective ambitions of the Partnership, the clarity of objectives and prospects for impact or follow-up, the complementarity of project partners, and the extent to which gathered information will be shared more widely with the Partnership.

Another requirement is that a Dutch organisation affiliated with the SW&FS Partnership must be the lead (and proposal submitting) partner. 

Show your interest

The Facility is now open for proposals until 31 January 2023. The aim is to take a decision on a proposal within two weeks after submission. The templates for the proposals are shared on request. Please contact NFP (Frans Verberne) or NWP (Martijn van Staveren) to show interest in submitting a proposal or in case of questions. The Facility is supported by the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture.

Frans Verberne, Netherlands Food Partnership:

Martijn van Staveren, Netherlands Water Partnership: