Supporting Circular Agribusiness Models in Nigeria and Indonesia

Earlier this month we organised two virtual events on Circular Agribusiness Models, for a total of 45 specifically selected participants. This was part of NFP's support to Bopinc and MVO Nederland to convene and bring together clusters of Dutch and local businesses and stakeholders, with a view to advancing business opportunities for SMEs.

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The first event for participants based in Nigeria, focussed on business cases around turning cashew apples into healthy consumer products (e.g. juices or syrups) and around leveraging cassava peel waste to create animal feed products. This was followed by a second event in which participants from Indonesia, focussed on turning cacao fruit waste into healthy consumer products (e.g. drinks), as well as leveraging rice husks to create high calorific pellets.

Together with a group of selected businesses and relevant stakeholders, the assessments of the respective business models were discussed and main drivers and barriers were identified. During break out sessions, ideas were shared on which concrete steps could be taken in the near future to overcome these barriers. For example, regarding transportation, increasing shelf life, influencing consumer perception and processing techniques. At the end of both events participants were asked whether they would be committed to be part of a lead group to further advance the business models in the coming months and what type of support would be needed as a result.

In the coming weeks NFP, Bopinc and MVO Nederland will support those committed organisations to align their roles in potential next steps and the assets each brings to the table, as well as to determine what is needed from others as a starting point for concrete action setting and potential finance mobilisation.

Details of the presentations or reports from the events can be shared upon request. Please get in touch with Ibrahim Palaz, see contact details at the bottom of this page, if you would like to receive copies.

Kickstarting Circular Agribusiness Models in Nigeria and Indonesia

NFP’s mission is to contribute to urgent food system changes in low- and middle-income countries through the leverage of Dutch knowledge and expertise. As part of that mission NFP is working together with Bopinc and MVO Nederland on the development of innovative circular agribusiness models. Business models that focus on the valorisation of current waste and byproduct streams in Nigeria and Indonesia. Both countries face a significant and growing stream of organic waste, with Indonesia being named as second biggest ‘food waster’ in the world. Both countries also represent large domestic markets and the opportunity to build on previous and ongoing circular initiatives supported by the Dutch government.

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