UN Food Systems Pre-Summit | Spotlight on SME's

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have a crucial role to play in global food systems, and constitute over half of most food economies. Some of the collective efforts of SMEs and their contribution to food systems transformation and sustainability, were recognised, shared and celebrated during the UN Food Systems Pre-Summit.

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UN Best Small Business Competition

50 inspiring, diverse and impactful SMEs representing 42 countries, were selected as the winners of the UN's Best Small Business Competition. Chosen for their contribution towards healthier, more sustainable and equitable food for the communities they serve, the 50 SMEs were announced and celebrated during the Pre Summit.

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Watch on Demand - Winners' Unveiling: Best Small Business Competition

Dialogues and Research

2,673 SMEs from 137 countries were surveyed during the lead up to UNFSS, in which they were asked “How can we boost the role of SMEs in providing Good Food for All?” The survey responses were central to the development of a final report, which was presented at the Pre-Summit. The report raises awareness of the pathways to effectively support SMEs in their role as good food providers, whilst calling for the world to rally behind them as the vanguard of a food revolution.

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SME Priorities

A session was hosted which highlighted key learnings from the final report, supported by insights from SMEs and food systems leaders.

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SME Pledge

During the session SMEs were invited to endorse the report’s messages by signing the below pledge:

  • I pledge my business will help forge food systems that are more nourishing, sustainable, equitable and resilient.
  • I need governments, larger businesses, finance organisations, consumers, and other partners to urgently create the conditions for purpose-driven food SMEs to flourish.
  • I offer to contribute to the action coalitions and national pathways, where these are of strategic relevance to my business. 

660 businesses have already signed the pledge. Join this community of small businesses committing to do their part in this decade of action!

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