World Food Day 2021 | e-magazine and videos

Last week we hosted our World Food Day 2021 - Refresh the Food System event, on behalf of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality. Three weeks after the Food Systems Summit, the event provided an ideal opportunity to reflect on the outcomes of the FSS and the pathways for actions to contribute to solutions for food system challenges. Member states in general, and the Netherlands and food professionals in particular need to define their actions towards 2030, with only 'nine harvests' remaining to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

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World Food Day e-magazine

On the day, participants were inspired and encouraged to come up with concrete actions that contribute to real transformative changes, as well as debate three key challenges for which urgent action is needed: Enabling healthy and Sustainable Food Choices, Digitalisation and Living Income.

Following this highly inspirational event, we're delighted to share with our e-magazine, which offers a detailed reflection and look back on all of the days proceedings. We invite you to download the e-magazine below.

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World Food Day Videos

In addition, we also invite your to visit our YouTube channel, where you can watch each of the sessions, just3 in case you were unable to join us on the day.

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Huge thanks once again to all our guest presenters, partners, facilitators and hosts, together with all the participants for sharing so many nuggets of insight and fresh ideas. We very much look forward to further connecting, collaborating and building on the broad range of inspiring recommendations submitted on the day, to drive forward the SDG2 agenda.

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