YALTA Publish Agroecology Production Handbook

YALTA have produced a handbook on agroecology production which resulted from the consolidation of information from various sources. The handbook is designed to impart knowledge to the young agriprenuers that have participated in the YALTA programme, although it can also be used by anyone with an interest in implementing, facilitating or training in agroecology farming.

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The handbook provides information on the 10 elements of agroecology and includes links to detailed information on these elements, produced by the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO).

The handbook is categorised into two major sections. The first section introduces the handbook and the YALTA programme, whilst section two elaborates on the basic practices implemented under agroecology. These range from Agroecology farm planning and design, to soil and water conservation, soil fertility management, pest and disease management.

Where possible, the handbook also provides links to the YALTA work that has been carried out with young people in Rwanda, Ethiopia, Uganda and Kenya, that's relevant to the 10 aforementioned elements.