Agricultural sector transformation is teamwork

This new book is about the sesame sector in Northwest Ethiopia and about the many challenges and opportunities for transforming the sector, to the benefit of farmers and stakeholders involved. The content of the book is based on action research, monitoring and evaluation, progress reports, case studies and most significant change stories, lessons learned papers and policy briefs, for all topics the Sesame Business Network (SBN) support programme and partners worked on in the past eight years. With this book, the authors seek to capitalise and share the multiple experiences in an attractive and well-structured manner.

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Participants Sesame Business Network Support Programme

In the past eight years (2013-2020) a team of Ethiopian and Dutch professionals, have gone through an interesting journey together with many farmers and stakeholders, both from the public and private sector. Together, the evolving network of actors developed a comprehensive approach for sustainable and inclusive agricultural development. This is reflected in the number and diversity of topics that are covered in this book. These range from sustainable agricultural production to product and market development, and include specific attention for agri-finance, social inclusion, diet diversity, and for creating a more enabling environment. The need for a comprehensive approach and stakeholder collaboration is reflected in the title: “Sector transformation is teamwork”.

The purpose of this publication is to share experiences of this team with an audience of development professionals, in Ethiopia and beyond. The authors think that these experiences in the sesame sector are relevant for agricultural sector transformation and agribusiness development in general. They specifically target development professionals who aim to support sustainable and inclusive sub-sector and value chain development that offers farmers a decent income, creates employment and economic multiplier effects, and that contributes to food security and the national economy at large.

Including leverage points and agenda for action

In line with the comprehensive approach towards agribusiness development and sector transformation, the book offers you a menu of topics, which we structured according to five main chapters: Sustainable agricultural production (chapter 2), Social inclusion and diet diversity (chapter 3), Agri-finance (chapter 4), Product and market development (chapter 5), Enabling environment (chapter 6). The first introductory chapter sets the stage by explaining the origin, the principles and gradual evolution of the SBN support programme, which are backgrounds to the comprehensive, stakeholder-oriented approach that was developed. The final chapter (7) assesses the results obtained, shares the main lessons learned, identifies main leverage points for change and suggests an agenda for future action.

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Editors: Ted Schrader, Geremew Terefe, Anteneh Mekuria, Flo Dirks, Andualem Tadesse, and Judith Jacobs. This publication is jointly produced by: Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation and Sesame Business Network support programme | 2020 | ISBN: 978-94-6395-648-2


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