Cash transfers for food and futures

Policymakers and development practitioners are increasingly using cash transfer programmes to assist communities in need. While this is already happening, little is known about the triad relationship between cash transfers, food security and fragility. This report, provides new insights into cash transfer programming as a tool to realise food security in fragile settings.

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Omotayo Tajudee via Unsplash

The report discusses how, and to what extent, cash transfers can be an effective way of realizing food security in fragile settings. The generated insights are based on a literature quick-scan on the triad relationship, impact evaluations of existing cash transfer programmes in fragile settings, and various interviews with cash transfer experts and practitioners. A reference group consisting of researchers, policymakers, and practitioners critically reflected on the research process and presented findings. 

The findings indicate that the implementation of cash transfer programmes in fragile settings has great potential to contribute to food and nutrition security and to build the resilience of the target communities. Simultaneously, implementing such programmes is highly complex and demands flexibility, sensitivity, and a willingness to learn and adapt continuously. 

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This report is part of the Cash transfer for food security project that The Broker has conducted in collaboration with and with financing from, INCLUDE, Netherlands Food Partnership and The Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law (KPSRL).

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