Good Food for All Campaign - How to Get Involved

Good Food For All (GFFA) is a public campaign for the UN Food System Summit (UNFSS) which aims to create an open global dialogue around the opportunities and challenges within our food systems that everyone, everywhere can join.

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How does the Summit and Good Food For All connect?

Good Food For All will take forward the Summit’s ongoing outreach efforts by gathering its communities, partners and all public engagement ideas under a single umbrella for united and accessible messaging. A similar approach has been adopted for the Black Lives Matter movement and a Race to Zero campaign with their decentralised structures and focus on mobilising diverse actors with a shared purpose. Instead of pockets of success, Good Food For All will help ensure a sustained and growing movement for change that drives momentum toward and beyond UNFSS.

How can I as an individual engage?

Whether a farmer, a politician or a foodie, Good Food For All is an open dialogue for action in wish everyone, everywhere can share their vision of ‘good food’. Please find below a few suggested ways to share your insights and raise your voice for good food:

Learn: Follow the UN Food Systems Summit on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Share: Film a short video answering “What does ‘good food’ mean to you?” with hashtag #GoodFoodForAll. Here’s how.

Share: Raise awareness for Good Food For All with the hashtag #GoodFood4All and assets across social media platforms – find content here.

Gather: Get together with others and share a meal. Convene an Independent Summit Dialogue.

Act: Become a Food Systems Hero.