NL-CGIAR Conference | Partnering for Global Food Security

On 2-3 November 2022, NWO will organise a fully online conference for the NL-CGIAR Research Programme. Two afternoons (from 12.00 CET) full of thematic sessions, interviews, keynotes, a poster session and much more. All on one online platform.


The theme 'Partnering for Global Food Security - Advancing knowledge and innovation for food system transformation' refers to the collaboration between the Netherlands and the public, agricultural research network CGIAR.

Goal of the event

  • Showcase and learn from key novel research insights and outcomes of NL-CGIAR research (e.g. on Access to seed,  Inclusive partnerships, Equality including Gender).
  • Share best practices, challenges and lessons learned.
  • Showcase the importance of partnerships and contributions made by NL experts to CGIAR.

Is your curiosity sparked by the themes and are you interested in contributing to this event? Do not hesitate to email with ideas for sessions, moderators or speakers.

NL-CGIAR ‘Food Fights’ are organised in the run-up to the NL-CGIAR conference. The first online debate is on 13 Sept:  ‘Public policy towards food system transformation’.

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Learn more about the NL-CGIAR research programme

The NL-CGIAR research programme is part of a cooperation agreement (2017-2022) between the government of the Netherlands and CGIAR, the global research partnership for a food secure future. The programme is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, implemented by NWO-WOTRO; in close collaboration with CGIAR, the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality and the Netherlands Food Partnership.