Quality Based Milk Payment Systems

The webinar on QBMPS was held on 24 March 2022 and was attended by 86 participants. During this morning webinar, NEADAP partner SNV shared lessons from a pilot in Uganda, in which a Quality Based Milk Payment system was introduced in partnership with dairy farmers, processors and the Dairy Development Authority (DDA).

Two men handling milk

The topic (abbreviated as QBMPS) was introduced by Martin the Jong and Berend de Leeuw, both involved in the QBMPS pilot in Uganda. This was followed by a lively Q&A session. See below the Q&A for those questions not discussed in the webinar. The discussion was further enriched by two perspectives from Ethiopia (Tadesse Ketema) and Kenya (Asaah Ndambi).

For further reading on the QBMPS pilot in Uganda we refer to the report by Manon Stravens, who interviewed key stakeholders in October 2021. Her 22 page report was circulated to registered participants. When final, this report is yet to published on the NEADAP webpage.

In short, enhanced quality and safety assurance of milk and dairy products are health considerations in many countries. These coincide with the business interests of processors in the quality of raw milk. The pilot in Quality Based Milk Payment Systems (QBMPS) successfully inspired coordinated actions of all actors along the value chain by providing a combination of training, coaching and education as well as setting up a quality control system that provides a financial incentive to the key stakeholders in the dairy chain. The NEADAP partnership considers the QBMPS approach an important aspect of dairy sector development and aims to inspire further upscaling.