Scoping opportunities in Indonesia

Last week NFP joined a preparatory visit to Indonesia, organised by the Dutch Embassy, with WUR and Nuffic Neso joining. This preparatory visit was held to get a clear understanding of the development of the food estate, as well as connecting with local stakeholders and identifying opportunities for Dutch actors in the private sector and knowledge institutes to get engaged.


The Indonesian government is initiating these food estates to improve food self-sufficiency, aims to improve the livelihood of the local population by providing employment and income opportunities, and wants to develop a competitive horticulture sector. Focus will be in particular on the crops shallots, garlic and potatoes.

Between 18-21 May the Dutch Embassy will organise an economic mission to North Sumatra, starting in Medan and visiting the food estate in Humbang Hasundutan with approximately fifteen Dutch agricultural companies and organisations joining.

Should you want to know more about this economic mission, please contact Babette Bodlaender. See her details below.