Webinar report: How to design Blended Learning programmes?

Blended learning is an approach in education and lifelong learning to combine the best of digital and in person teaching modalities. Since 2021, a group of organisations in the Netherlands have been sharing their experience and lessons.

This second webinar brings up a practical topic: how to design blended learning programmes? On the basis of 3 life cases, insights are given on ‘how to design a blended learning programme?’. What are good practices? What are lessons learned and how can you apply those insights in the design of your blended learning programme in agriculture in an international context?

blended learning

Here is the video recording of the webinar (1h07m)

Here is the two page report of the second webinar on blended learning. (to be added)

And here are the powerpoints used in the webinar

  • Introduction by Esther Wintraecken, Wageningen University and Research