World Food Day 2023: A Collaborative Success

Amersfoort, the Netherlands – World Food Day 2023 brought together a broad spectrum of stakeholders working in the food systems sector who are passionate about the need for more equitable and sustainable food systems. Under the theme "Recognizing the role of the Private Sector in Creating Sustainable Food Systems," the event revolved around exploring the role of the private sector in helping bring about this change.

WFD23 Summary

Fostering Connections and Idea Sharing

The event was marked by thoughtful discussions on critical topics with distinguished speakers and panellists sharing experiences and knowledge. Beyond listening to speeches, participants had the opportunity to connect with representatives of different institutions, nationalities, and age groups, fostering relationships that could one day shape the future of global food systems.

High-Level Participation and Engagement Numbers

The event featured ten unique side events that allowed attendees to delve deeper into specific areas of interest. With over 330 participants, 40% of which were under the age of 35, World Food Day 2023 attracted a diverse mix of individuals from governments, NGOs, academia, and the private sector. The main stage featured 16 distinguished speakers, each contributing their expertise and vision to the discourse. Additionally, the presence of over 60 private sector representatives underscored the commitment of industry leaders to the cause of sustainable food systems.

A Unified Goal

Throughout the day, the shared goal remained at the forefront – working together to end hunger. World Food Day 2023 served as a platform to reaffirm our collective commitment to creating a world where no one goes to bed hungry. It was a day to recognize the power of collective action, driven by a belief that equitable and sustainable food systems are not just a dream but an achievable reality. Woven into the conversations and presentations throughout the day was a reaffirmation of the relevance of this year’s theme – the private sector has a vital role to play, and together with other sectors, can work collaboratively to make sustainable food systems the world needs now more than ever.

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