Rebecca Sarku

Rebecca Sarku, PhD, is a researcher and consultant tackling poverty, food insecurity, and environmental challenges and delivers innovative and multidisciplinary result-oriented solutions in complex and marginalised communities.

Rebecca Sarku is affiliated with the University of Leeds, University for Development Studies, the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, and ClimAgri-Food Consult. Rebecca’s over 10 years of working in academia and international organisations have skilled her in strategic and creative thinking in programme design and management, institutional capacity development, and policy analysis and reform. She is an expert in climate adaptation, climate information services, designing innovative governance arrangement, adaptive decision-making, and digital technologies for agriculture and sustainable food systems. She is also a facilitator, trainer, and mentor and is passionate and a committed self-starter who uses participatory approaches in learning and adaptive management. She is also a Research Fellow in Climate Change and Food Systems focusing on food security and Artificial Intelligence, climate change in the global south and the UNFCCC food systems issues. Her current research aims to analyse how justice and equity is discussed in the transformation agenda of the UN systems, specifically, the Koronivia Joint Work on Agriculture under the UNFCCC framework.