Independent dialogue UNFFS21

Multi-stakeholder platforms are a recognized “game-changing solution” to achieve sustainable food systems, cutting across the 5 action tracks defined for the UN FSS 2021. The internationally recognized experience and expertise built for decades between Dutch and international partners on this topic could add value to the different UN FSS 2021 related ongoing processes. 

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18 May 2021
Netherlands Food Partnership, Rabobank, Wageningen University & Research, VNO-NCW, Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality and Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The Hague | Online dialogue
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Multi-stakeholder platforms for sustainable food systems: Scalable game-changing solutions from Dutch expertise and experience

The aim of this session is to showcase examples, share practical recommendations, and discuss scaling up of Multi-stakeholder platforms for sustainable food systems based on lessons learned from Dutch multi-stakeholder collaboration and its transformational capacity to contributing to systemic change to reach SDG2. 

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