Photo credits: CGIAR

NL-CGIAR Strategic Partnership

Ensuring Zero Hunger in 2030 requires complex food system transitions and a massive effort. CGIAR, is a global partnership engaged in research on food security. A partnership  dedicated to reducing poverty, enhancing food and nutrition security, and improving natural resources. This organization is therefore in a unique position to leverage and convene partners to scale impact, while at the same time being part of multiple global/local/national efforts.

CGIAR, as a global partnership engaged in research about food security. Since 2015, the Netherlands has contributed to these efforts in the NL-CGIAR Strategic Partnership, facilitated by Netherlands Food Partnership. In the Strategic Partnership particular focus will be attributed to domains where CGIAR and Dutch partners have complementary expertise and to promoting research impact through interdisciplinary research approaches, co-creation and downstream applied research partnerships, including private sector and civil society organizations.

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