Lessons from Dutch Public-Private Partnerships on Food and Nutrition Security

The key findings from an evaluation report on the lessons learnt from Dutch Public-Private Partnerships (PPP's) on Food and Nutrition Security have now been published. The research was commissioned by the Netherlands Working Group on international Nutrition (NWGN), earlier this year the preliminary findings were shared during a dialogue session that was jointly organised by NWGN and NFP.

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In 2021 the Netherlands Working Group on international Nutrition asked the Partnerships Resource Centre at the Erasmus University Rotterdam School of Management, to conduct a systematic evaluation of Dutch experiences and learnings on working in Public Private Partnerships (PPP’s) to address Food and Nutrition Security. 

Through a comparison of the instruments of a diverse range of partnerships and interviews with experts, specific topics including inclusion of nutrition, complexity, inclusiveness of target groups and sustainability of the PPP’s were investigated. The evaluation was complemented with a literature review.

The key insights of this evaluation can be used to stimulate learning and help stakeholders to work more effectively in PPP’s. As a follow-up, NWGN is planning a new activity in 2022 to bring together learnings from this study and other evaluations of PPP’s, with specific outcomes on nutrition.

In May 2021 NFP and NWGN jointly organised a specific session on PPP for nutrition, in the context of the Independent Food Systems Dialogue, which focussed on Multi-stakeholder Partnerships. The preliminary findings from this systematic evaluation of PPP's on food and nutrition security were also discussed during that dialogue, the recommendations from which can be viewed here.

You can also view the feedback report submitted to the UN Food Systems Summit secretariat here, together with an insight paper published just before the summit took place.

Download the NWGN key findings and evaluation report


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