Multi-stakeholder platforms a ‘game-changing solution’ to achieve sustainable food systems

The UN Food Systems Pre-Summit in Rome from 26 - 28 July was the first time food and nutrition security issues were discussed at the UN level from a systemic perspective. It is great to see there is consensus that all stakeholders, particularly those who are often excluded, need to be part of the agenda setting, decision-making and implementation of innovative and bold actions for food systems transition. No actor can buy a one way ticket to a better food system on their own.

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Insights series | Number 1

In the run up to the Summit itself, the formation of coalitions around actionable solutions also needs to be inclusive. These multi-stakeholder collaborations - e.g. on zero hunger, school meals, food loss and waste, aquatic and blue foods, living income, resilience, and means of implementation- can benefit from learnings by Dutch stakeholders in this domain. During our Independent Dialogue on Multi-Stakeholder Platforms we compiled these. It showed the importance of collaborative initiatives in meeting a few crucial rules including representation and inclusiveness; political will and support; local ownership; transparency; continuous communication, openness and respect; capacity building based on understanding each other’s strengths and weaknesses; addressing inequality; and last but not least, sufficient time and resources.

This Insights publication has been created to tap into and build upon the specific lessons learned on multi-stakeholder platforms that were shared during the Independent Dialogue: ‘Multi-stakeholder platforms for sustainable food systems: scalable game-changing solutions from Dutch expertise and experience’ on 18 May 2021. Read about multi-stakeholder collaboration; it’s benefits and limitations, findings of the Independent Dialogue, cases presented and recommendations for action in the run-up to the UN Food Systems Summit on 23 September.

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“The real work over the coming nine years will be done at a country level, whilst global efforts will need to be mobilised to plug the remaining gaps. Youth, indigenous communities, smallholders and others, should be part of every single coalition. Netherlands Food Partnership will continue to play its part in ensuring that everyone has a seat at the table.”

Myrtille Danse | CEO Netherlands Food Partnership