Senior Expert Case | Scaling Readiness Contributes to Innovations for Food Security

Maximising the success rate of innovations is important to contribute to efficiently use limited resources. According to researchers C. Leeuwis (WUR) and M. Schut (CGIAR), researchers can systematically increase the impact of their innovation with the Scaling Readiness approach.

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Cees Leeuwis is professor of Knowledge, Technology and Innovation at Wageningen University. He is also a Senior Expert within the NL-CGIAR research programme. His Senior Expert assignment allowed Leeuwis to study the relationship between research, scaling and impact of one of the larger CGIAR Research Programs on Roots, Tubers and Bananas. Marc Schut is Strategic Advisor, Innovation, Scaling and Stage-gating (CGIAR) and Innovation and Scaling Scientist (Wageningen University), and is based in Rwanda.

Together, Leeuwis, Schut and other CGIAR colleagues are trying to close the gap between science and research on the one hand, and development and impact on the other hand, using Scaling Readiness as a key approach to connect these two worlds.

“Our approach focuses on making sure that researchers have a good idea of the context in which their innovation is expected to contribute to positive societal impacts.”

Cees Leeuwis | Wageningen University and Research

NL-CGIAR Strategic Partnership

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