New CGIAR Initiatives announced to help radically realign food, land, and water systems

During the United Nations Food Systems Summit (UNFSS) 2021 Pre-Summit, CGIAR announced an exciting new research and innovation prospectus to transform food, land, and water systems in a climate crisis.

The prospectus of Initiatives sets out the future focus of a unified and more impactful One CGIAR. Through these new Initiatives, CGIAR builds on its 50-year track record of research and innovations that have changed the world, improving food and nutrition security for the world’s most vulnerable people and lifting millions out of poverty.

The announcement comes at a pivotal moment. As the Pre-Summit kicked off, COVID-19 variants and climate change are ravaging the globe, severely impacting countries in the Global South, where food systems and the people who depend on them are already struggling. But with growing recognition of the role of, and impacts on, food systems in both the coronavirus pandemic and the climate crisis, we have an important window of opportunity to take action. The UNFSS builds on this opportunity, bringing together diverse actors from around the world to leverage the power of food systems.

In line with CGIAR’s 2030 Research and Innovation Strategy, launched earlier this year, the Initiatives outlined in the new prospectus seek to provide the science, knowledge, and tools needed to carry out a radical realignment of food systems, contributing not only to the UNFSS Action Tracks and solutions clusters, which feed into the Sustainable Development Goals, but also to other collective global targets for food, land, and water systems.

Accordingly, CGIAR’s new Initiatives are designed to make real, lasting, and positive impact across five Impact Areas. The Impact Areas are: 1) Nutrition, Health, and Food Security; 2) Poverty Reduction, Livelihoods, and Jobs; 3) Gender Equality, Youth, and Social Inclusion; 4) Climate Adaptation and Mitigation; and 5) Environmental Health and Biodiversity.

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Preliminary outlines for each Initiative are available in CGIAR’s 2022–2024 Investment Prospectus. Proposals for each Initiative will be further developed by CGIAR scientists together with partners before being submitted to CGIAR’s System Board and System Council for approval. Approved Initiatives will be launched as funding is secured, starting in 2022.

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NL-CGIAR Strategic Partnership

Reaching Zero Hunger in 2030 requires a massive effort in which CGIAR, a global partnership engaged in research about food security, is in a unique position to leverage and convene partners to scale impact. Since 2015, the Netherlands has contributed to these efforts in the NL-CGIAR Strategic Partnership, facilitated by Netherlands Food Partnership. Particularly focusing on domains where CGIAR and Dutch partners have complementary expertise. Read more about this partnership.

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