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On the 30th of November 2020, the online conference 'Potato Futures: impact of hybrid varieties' took place. It was attended by over 150 participants from all over the world and facilitated inspirational exchange on the future of the hybrid potato.

A key resource used during the conference was the report on the three scenarios for hybrid potatoes and the global food supply that was published by the Rathenau Instituut. This report is now translated in English.

On this page you can download the presentations of the speakers and the English version of the report. A full report of the conference is available here.



Conference Presentations

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Morning program

  • Opening by Jim Lorenzen (Senior Program Officer - Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)
  • Main aims, technicalities and current achievements with emphasis to breeding, seed production, agronomy and logistics by Pim Lindhout (founder Solynta)
  • Game changer? Hybrid potato as a system innovation in diverse agricultural systems: propositions for discussion by Paul Struik (Crop System Analysis-WUR)
  • Expectations, potential innovation dynamics, future trends, uncertainties and scenarios from a societal point of view by Rosanne Edelenbosch (Rathenau Instituut)
  • Plausibility, feasibility and desirability of the three scenarios by Romain Cools (President World Potato Congress)

Afternoon parallel session 1: Prospects and challenges in a Dutch and agro-industrial system context

  • Impacts of hybrid potato on the relations between value chain actors and business models by Dick Hylkema (Director NAO)
  • Video Clip NAO

Afternoon parallel session 2: Prospects and challenges in an international development context

  • Transition from current potato (seed) systems to hybrid potato systems: system requirements and implications for food security by Graham Thiele (Director CGIAR Program on RTB)
  • Sharing experiences and lessons learned
  • Reflection: Key issues and concerns with regard to hybrid potato systems and value chains by Peter Gildemacher(Head of Sustainable Economic Development and Gender at the Royal Tropical Institute)

Report on future scenarios (Rhatenau Instituut)

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