Which sessions of the Pre-Summit in Rome can I attend?

The Pre-Summit of the UN Food Systems Summit will set the stage for the culminating global event in September by bringing together diverse actors from around the world to leverage the power of food systems to deliver progress on all 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Pre-Summit is open to all through a vast virtual programme and platform. Only a very small number of invited delegates from government, action tracks and science will meet in-person in Rome.

The event will bring together youth, farmers, indigenous peoples, civil society, researchers, the private sector, policy leaders and ministers of agriculture, environment, health, nutrition and finance, among other players. The three-day gathering aims to deliver the latest evidence-based and scientific approaches from around the world, launch a set of new commitments through coalitions of action and mobilize new financing and partnerships.

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Suggestions formal programme

Day 1 - 26 July

11:30-13:30 The triple challenge of meeting food, climate and biodiversity goals (Red Room) with Shakuntala Thilsted (CGIAR), 2021 World Food Prize Laureate, as a panelist.

12:00-13:30 Digesting the Latest Science & Knowledge (Features from the Scientific Group; An opportunity to understand key transitions and what coming through on the Decade of Action looks like and what is possible for ambitious outcomes).

Day 2 - 27 July

11:30-13:30 Ensuring No One is Left Behind: Equitable Livelihoods in Food Systems
with Kundhavi Kadiresan, Managing Director, Global Engagement and Innovation, CGIAR, as a panelist

15:00-15:50 Private Sector Priorities (Green Room)

15:00-15:50 Civil Society Priorities (Red Room)

16:00-16:50 Small & Medium Enterprise Priorities.(paralel session Green Room)

16:00-16:50 Indigenous Peoples Priorities (Red Room)

18:30-19:20 (Virtual only) Transitioning into Healthy, Sustainable, inclusive, and resilient food systems: A perspective from the five regions

Day 3 - 28 July

9:00-10:30 City and Local Food Systems

11:30-13:30 Synthesis Plenary with featured themes from the week, ministerial feedback and highlights, analysis from Scientific Group & Levers of Change, insights from Critical Voices, common points from Coalitions of Action and how to refine ambition.

Suggestions affiliated sessions by Dutch organisations

Day 1 - 26 July

19:30 - 20:20 Addressing Food Systems Challenges from the viewpoint of design. Hosted by Netherlands Food Partnership and Design Academy Eindhoven. Work from Design Academy Eindhoven (DAE) students who participated in the Transforming Food Systems by Design project will be showcased at this affiliated event. Designers and food systems professionals will reflect on the outcomes and opportunities of this unique collaboration. We invite you to join us on Monday for a fascinating insight into this unique project.

19.30 - 20.20 Sustainable finance for food systems transformation: Setting the Agenda. Hosted by Rabobank. Sustainable Finance is of key importance in the F&A space, given the fact that especially in this sector big steps need to be taken to become more sustainable, whilst simultaneously needing to feed an ever growing world population. The integration of sustainability KPIs is proving to be a way to incentivize organizations to set measurable and ambitious targets. In an industry where all steps towards sustainability are a welcome necessity, this specific aspect of Sustainable Finance is a useful tool. Read the concept note, including agenda and introduction to the speakers.Open to everyone, please do sign up.

Day 2 - 27 July

8:00-8:50 Unleashing science’s potential to transform food systems. CGIAR-led event featuring Claudia Sadoff, Executive Management Team Convener and Managing Director, Research Delivery and Impact, CGIAR. With Shakuntala Thilsted, 2021 World Food Prize Laureate, as a panelist. Moderated by Kanayo Nwanze, CGIAR Special Representative to UNFSS. Register here to join.

13.30 - 14.20 Addressing True Costs: A Global Partnership on the True Price of Food - True Price Foundation. You can register here to join.

13.30 -14.20 Bridging Food Science and Policy through Dialogue. - WBCSD and WUR. Register here to join.

Day 3 - 28 July

13.30-14.20 Towards Global Partnerships for a Climate Smart and Efficient Food Future. - Cooperative Partnership for Climate Smart Food and Forestry (incl. LTO Nederland, Agriterra, Danish & Finnish agri&food councils. Register here to join.