Food Security within the context of Dutch Policy

Global food and nutrition security continues to be a policy priority in the new Dutch policy for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation (FT&DC, in Dutch: BHOS). Recently, this new policy was discussed in Parliament. This article explains the timeline of the discussions in Dutch parliament and of the preparatory discussions and consultations by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The timeline includes the NFP activities to facilitate the policy engagement of the agrifood network.

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NFP: second briefing session on BHOS policy and its implications for Food and Nutrition Security

3 October, 2022

This debriefing session specifically aims to reflect on the discussion of the new policy in Parliament and looks forward to what this means for the work of various stakeholders on SDG2 and the food systems transformation agenda. Key insights will be shared by representatives from different organisations, companies and institutions. Participants will be invited to share their thoughts on the implications for individual and joint action with partners in various countries and continents.

Parliamentary debate on BHOS policy

28 September, 2022

The BHOS policy note was discussed by the Parliamentary Commission for Foreign Trade & Development Cooperation. Recordings of the debate are available via this link. Information on the agenda and the documentation can be found by clicking here

BHOS Round Table Conversation

15 September, 2022

The Parliamentary Commission for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation held a Round Table briefing with experts on the BHOS policy note. Experts elaborated on their views concerning the content of the new policy.

  • The full recording of the round table conversation is available online, by clicking here
  • The position papers provided as input on the BHOS note for the round table conversation

are available, by clicking here

  • Specifically for input on food and nutrition security, we recommend you to watch the following contributions. Specific contributions can be viewed by clicking the box on the right of the full recording.:
    • Input from Hedwig Bruggeman, Wageningen University and Research
      “It is about collaborating together, SDG17. The collaboration between science, private sector, public organisations, from world leaders to civil society.”
    • Input from Marco Schouten, Agriterra
      “We should look at what we spend our funds on, rather than where we spend it to connect aid and trade”
    • Input from Joost Oorthuizen, Invest International
      “Combining aid and trade in the combination countries is not easy, namely in the countries with higher risks in which the Dutch private sector is not heavily involved with good reason”

NFP: first briefing session on BHOS policy

30 June, 2022

This session, hosted by NFP, served as an opportunity to gather and share information on the BHOS policy note. In the session the participants shared their expectations and public recommendations for the upcoming parliamentary debate.

Summary of the outcomes of the session are available in the NFP Insight Item: Food and nutrition security stakeholders see many opportunities for collaboration in the new Dutch policy for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation.

Publication of BHOS policy note

24 June, 2022

Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, Liesje Schreinemacher, published the Netherlands’ new BHOS policy in a letter to the Dutch Parliament. The new policy carries the title: ‘Doing what the Netherlands is good at’.

  • ‘New Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation policy submitted to Dutch Parliament Identifies Global Food Security as Key Priority’ NFP Insight item which provides an overview of the Food & Nutrition Security aspects of the policy
  • Read the full policy in Dutch, by clicking here
  • Find a summary of the new BHOS policy in English, by clicking here

BHOS Policy consultation

March - April, 2022

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs organised an online policy consultation that gathered inspiration and views from stakeholders in the private sector, knowledge institutes, civil society organisations and others, which resulted in input from over 230 organisations.

  • You can read a summary of the general outcomes of the online consultation, by clicking here

You can read the outcomes of a specific NFP hosted network meeting with food and nutrition security stakeholders, by clicking here